• wally-d-feed wins the Jan/Feb Light challenge!

    Hands together for wally-d-feed's winning entry to the Jan/Feb 2012 light challenge Compass Rose. It was a good field of entries (15 in all) with some excellent work all around!

    wally-d-feed's entry Old Paper was a modern twist on a traditional style, with vector based goodness all around:

    Check out his winning thread (and the full size compass) here: http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...ntry-Old-Paper
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    1. Schwarzkreuz's Avatar
      Schwarzkreuz -
      This sure have alot of character, perfectly for blending in symbols of various Kingdoms for any Hand-drawn-Style map.
    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      I agree. Great job.
    1. Selca1803's Avatar
      Selca1803 -
      It looks awesome! especially those four places for symbols!