Has anyone else ever tried making what is apparently called an Itinerarium? In their most basic form they are really just a list of places found along a road, and the distances between each. More complex ones merely showing roads branching off. My understanding is that they were the common form of map used for travelers in Rome, and that our modern view of a map didn't become common until far later in history.

I'm in the process of revamping the world map for my novel, because I am not happy with the current level of detail in what I had been using, and just how hard it was to actually deal with them. If I wanted a distance I had to pull out a scale and measure, and then throw the pure as measured distance through functions to account for varied terrain, etc. That was really just a pain. Listing just the roads and cities feels like it is going to be far more useful, but I'm wondering what people's thoughts on this mapping style are.

I'm currently drawing on 12"x18" sheets, which allows a 40"+ of road to be drawn in an S.

Besides names of towns, populations, distances, bridges/ferries, and types of road surface, what other kind of information would you like to see on such a map?