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Thread: Laer Ia'Bor finished!

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    Default Laer Ia'Bor finished!

    Finally, this map is complete, and with my sanity still intact (or at least thatís what the voices tell me).

    This is Laer Ia'Bor, or White Rock City in English, the commanding city of the Dominion of the Elders of Sorres and the educational and intellectual centre of the Dal lands. The entire map was made from scratch in Photoshop and it took me a little over two months, Iím especially proud of this map because it is the first map where it was created using mostly my own techniques, I would still like give a thanks to Ascension for his town tut that I used to build up the bases of my buildings before adding extra layer effects, and Yander whose insignia tut I used here. For your convenience I have translated this map into English but I do have the map written in Dal if anyone is interested.

    I didnít really have a solid plan going into this map, just a general ideas and a hell of a lot of experimenting. Basically I just wanted a very detail city and I did my best to get that, not all the details turned out how I wanted them but what can you do? Iím very pleased with how this map turned out but I donít think Iíll be attempting something this in-depth again anytime soon; at least not at this scale. Also, Iíve put a small, very small, thing in here that sort of pays homage to the guild and would probably be where I would be living in this city, see if you can find it .

    And now, Iím moving onto my next insane adventure!


    NOTE: This map is at low resolution to allow it to be posted on this forum. I'm posting a high resolution map onto my deviantART page and onto the group we have over there, follow the link in my sig if you want to see it, should be up in a day or so.
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    Very nice - and now I know where to stay when I visit ... have some rep by my mighty sword of cool repping +2
    oops.. repped you to much for now.. .so the system says
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    Amazing, and congratulations on finally getting it finished! This map is definitely inspiring and a great example of what can be accomplished with adequate talent, patience and determination. If I can ever create a city map even half as good as this, I'll be very proud of myself.

    Rated in the hopes you receive a well-deserved award.

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    Waaaay too cool this. Theres so much in this map to like. Its so neatly and professionally done.

    Oh and I like this too:

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    What program did you use and how did you get the individual pixels to show up so clearly for the parapets and fences?
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    It was all in Photoshop, wasn't it LW?
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    Neat map -- I especially like the hand-drawn quality the buildings have. Bravo!

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    Asolutely incredible! It is one of the maps you'll have to print on a poster to see all its details and beauty. My favourite is the castle district.

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    That is just out of this world LW! I am really impressed with both your talent, and your commitment to seeing this project through. The color, patterns and detail of this map are some of the best that I have seen in a city map. Quite stunning. Repped.


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