Hello! I have been planning out a world setting for my fourth edition dnd campaign, and I would love to have a visually appealing custom world map. I would be happy to pay for an artists hard work, allthough free is good too

Most of the world map may be creatively filled in at the artists whim.

There are a few particulars I would like to have on the map, if possible.

The map would essentially be a single large continent, aprox. 4000 miles by 4000 miles across. I am thinking bulky in the middle and a bit 'stringier' at the outer edges. A few islands near the main land mass would be nice as well.

A large inland sea/great lake, aprox 150 miles x 150 miles accross, that must be close to the center of the land mass.

A large river emerging from a mountains area, feeding into the inland sea, and out of the other side of the inland sea, ultimately reaching the coast, with marsh/swampland on the side nearest the inland sea. Plains/farmland terrain on the side away from the inland sea.

The terrain along the river and the shores of the inland sea would be plains/farmland terrain, mostly.

The river would be as long as the nile/amazon, a good 4000 miles, and average 2-3 miles wide. The river would span most of the land mass.

The map would have many regions of mountains, hills, rivers, forest, grassland, plains, etc..even the elusive forested hills!

I will be working on a rough sketch that explains my unusual desires for the map. The vast majority will be at the artists whim, however.

I will add towns,cities. roads, national borders, etc. once I see what the map is like, and that can be done by either the artist or me, whatever ends up working best.

I would appreciate any advice or help I can get!