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    Wip -»Rhothar«- .:The World:.

    (Two things: A) Please twll me "WIP" stands for "World in Planning". B) This thread was origionally posted and coppied from a thread I made on a completely unrelated forum, so there may be some BBCode errors. I'll fix those later.)


    Well, this is a kinda "creating thread" for my Earth-like fantasy world "Rhothar" (which means "The World", for those who are wondering). I'll add a nice intro later. Too lazy now. -_-

    -»Rhothar World Map

    Lighter Grey Areas = Land
    Darker Grey Areas = Water
    Red Lines = Continental Boundaries
    Blue Lines = Ocean Boundaries

    -»Physical Map

    White = 18'000ft / 6'000m and higher
    Purple-ish = 12'000 - 18'000ft / 4'000 - 6'000m above sea level
    Brown = 6'000 - 12'000ft / 2'000 - 4'000m above sea level
    Green = 0 - 6'000ft / 0 - 2'000m above sea level
    Blue-Green = Land below sea level
    Light Blue = 0 - 6'000ft / 0 - 2'000m below sea level
    Pure Blue = 6'000 - 12'000ft / 2'000 - 4'000m below sea level
    Dark Blue = 12'000 - 18'000ft / 4'000 - 6'000m and lower

    -»Continents & Islands


    Lithotar (Storm Land)
    A large, Africa-like landmass in the south, Lithotar is a hot continent covered in desert, savanna and jungle. Though it's the hottest of the continents, it's also the most stormy, gaining it's name.

    Hutar (Central Land)
    Hutar is like the Middle-East of Rhothar. It is largely desert with slight tropics in the south. It's name comes from the simple fact that it's central to nearly all the other continents.

    Enaetar (Clouded Land)
    By far the largest of the continents, Enaetar is like Eurasia on Earth, with climates ranging from tropics to tundra. In most parts of Enaetar, it is lush and clouded. The near constant sight of clouds earned it it's name.

    Vanatar (North Land)
    Being the furthest north, Vanatar is also the coldest. Being a sort of northern Antarctica, the continents is largely lifeless. Being very cold and very windy, the only reason peoples have settled here is because of it's vast resaurses of metals and gems.

    Duratar (Dry Land)
    Duratar is the dryest of the continents and has a landscape much like North-America, save for the lack of much lush grasslands. There's a large area of grassland, mainly savanna, to the south, jungle to the north, but a vast desert in the centre.

    Suratar (Wet Land)
    Covered in jungle with a near continuous outpore of rain on its surface, Suratar has a just name. Its climate and biosphere is much like that of Indonesia or South America. Like Lithotar, Suratar experiences heavy storms year round. Unlike Lithotar, Suratar experiences mostly rainstorms, whereas Lithotar's storms are more like thunderstorms on a masive scale.

    Islands: (Only the most natable)

    Outremar (Home Isle)
    The origin of man into Rhothar. The ancient volcano has since been abandoned, save for a few small tribes. The eastern coast is mostly a jungle of, not only trees, but all forms of fungi. The west is a vast savanna-esque grassland. The beaches are grey as the result of volcanic ash.

    Siromar (Isle of Ghosts)
    The origional name of this cursed rock as been long forgotten. This was once a great colony of men, but years later, for no apparent reason, all have dissapeared. The once tropical paradise has been redused to a ghostly underworld whose very air carries the poison of death. None who have venturued here has ever returned.

    Thangmar (Isle of Ice)
    An icy wilderness of snow-covered mountains and vast plains of ice, Thangmar is home to the icerealm of the Thangan people. The only trees are on it's southern shores. To the far north lie the frozen needles, a vast plain of gigantic icycle spears, while the centre of the island is a flat plain of snow.

    Jaymar (Island Spire)
    The origins of this incredible and illogical structure is unknown. It could not have been created natuarally, you see, as it shrusts up, near vertically, from the deepest deapths of the ocean floor high into the clouds. A thin staircase has been cut into the grey rock cliffs, spiralling upwards from the vertical shores up to its very top. No one has ever survived the climb.

    Belmarin (?)
    [What could be so special about these..? Need help here.]

    Vanmarin (Northern Isles)
    These mountainous islands are covered in jaged cliffs and ice-covered peaks. The only flat land on the largest of these islands are the north shores. Even there, a trip to the sea means a deadly fall onto the jaged rocks below. The flat land creates a path between the islands, completed by gigantic wood and cable bridhes built into the cliffs between the islands. These bridges link to the nearby continents, aswell as the islands, creating a gigantic bridge between Vanatar and Enaetar.

    Denaymarin (Bridging Isles - Not labelled on the map)
    The island chain spanning from the Cape of Vanatar southwest to the Horn of Elnar, the Denaymarin act as a bridge between Vanatar and Duratar. They are largely alpine in climate with scattered swamps on some of the islands. The natives live in simple straw homes and have build barges to ferry travelers between the islands and the mainland.

    Lithomarin (Storm Isles)
    These bare stone islands in the middle of Lithogar are the called Lithomarin because of the stormy sea they rest in. Some may be completely submerged by waves at times and their are always clouds and heavy winds over these islands. They are a dangerous rest stop between the East and West of Rhothar when traveling by ship.

    Unmar (?)
    [What could be so special about this one..? Need help with this too, please.]

    -»Oceans, Bays, Lakes and Atols


    Shingar (Churning Waters)

    Chogar (Warm Waters)

    Elegar (Calm Waters)

    Lithogar (Storm Sea)

    Thangar (Ice Sea)

    Bays and Atols: (Only the most natable)

    Hunar (Central Atol - Not labelled on map)

    Telnar (Enclosed Bay)

    Thionar (Rocky Bay)

    Bornar (Hidden Atol - Not labelled on map)

    Ongnar (Narowing Bay)

    Ginar (Blizzard Bay)

    Cornar (Bay of Magic/Scorcery)

    Sulnar (Paradise Bay)

    Suranar (Wet Bay)

    Fornar (Bay of Fog)

    Duranar (Dry Bay)

    Lakes: (Only the most natable)

    *Continue in next post*
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