Hello everyone,
My name is Sean, I am a soldier in the United States Army who normally resides in Fort Bragg, however I am currently serving in Afghanistan. I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and Dungeon Master. Currently I am working on my own World, and I was having quite a bit of difficulty as I am not very good at drawing. So all the maps I have are pretty useless. A few days ago I stumbled upon a program called Campaign Cartographer 3, from profantasy.com. Although I am not very good at it yet, I can at least make average maps, and with average maps I can continue my quest to finish my world. However, making these maps has quickly become a hobby of mine, that I do not intend to let go when my world is finished. I am working hard to learn as much as I can and I am loving it, I hope to learn a lot more and share a lot here in the Cartographer's Guild, which I also just happened upon, sometimes you just get that lucky break, this was one of mine.