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    Wip The Blacksmith WIP

    I'm still hard at work/play on a "town pack" that will hopefully include all the standard RPG town structures (village home is here and the WIP general store is here if you want to take a look).

    This time I am working on the blacksmith's workplace and abode. I want this place look a little more run down, a little more faded than the other two. I am particularly proud of the actual furnace, which I think turned out nicer than I expected it would. Still filling in his (or her?) living area with furnishings, but the basics are there. Haven't done the outhouse yet. Would love comments and criticism, and if anyone knows more about how an old-timey blacksmith's would be laid out than I do (which is to say anything at all) I'd welcome the guidance.

    Made in PS at 300dpi, using genetica for textures.

    Still on my list to make: temple, healer, inn/tavern, town square. Maybes : stables, gatehouse, outlying farm, poor person's shack.
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