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    A while ago, I had a member of the guild create myself a marvelous map. I thoroughly enjoy the map, but I should have thought ahead when I requested the map to be made. When I did request that it be made, I had the names of the regions of my map put into the map. I'd like to have a blank map so that I can identify other areas in my map. When I want to show a portion of the map (such as when a user gets a closer view), I don't want them to see the text from another region. I'd also like to show city marks as a user zooms in on my map (removing the regional texts).

    I'm not requesting a guild member do all that, just to remove the current text from my map (if possible) to where there is no text on the map. I'll provide the map below. If its simple to do, I'd prefer to get it done for free; however, I can pay for this service if necessary. If it can't be salvaged as is (seeing as its not .psd format), I would gladly pay someone to recreate the map granted they keep the style the same. If you have a cost for this, please PM me and I will get back to you if the price is affordable.

    Thanks in advance!

    World Map
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