Okay, first of all, this is a pure discussion topic. No maps to be found here. Secondly, I don't know if this is in the correct forum. It's about battlemaps, so it seems right at home in VTT/Battlemap Mapping, but it's purely discussion, and more in depth about roleplaying too, so it might belong some place else.

I've been cooking up a nice dungeon for a while now, and after mapping a region and a town, perhaps my next project could be to try my hand on a dungeon. Of course as a battle-map for my own D&D 3.5 game.

However, before the creation of awesome (or less awesome) mappage ensues, I'm quite curious how you people actually use a battlemap. Might sound a bit silly, but I really do wonder.

I currently employ a vinyl battlemat for simple (and erasable) dungeon presentation. I draw while playing from my previously made 'design plans' on graph paper. It takes a couple more seconds, sometimes even minutes, but it adds a video-game-like element: "the fog of war". Players cannot see beyond the room they are currently in, and sometimes not even around corners.

Now this works fine when I draw a dungeon on a vinyl mat. But how (if at all) do you guys do this on these awesome pre-drawn/rendered battlemaps I see here on display?