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Thread: Bonjour chers cartographes !

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    Default Bonjour chers cartographes !

    "Oh no ! He speaks french !"

    Well, not all the way. I'm actually in my office wandering on the internet and I found this website while I was looking for another website I visited a long long time ago (several years).
    It was a website about a guy creating urban maps of fictionnal cities (maybe It's someone who is now on this forum...).
    Why was I looking for this kind of website ? Why am I actually here ?

    Well, like many of you, I like maps and creating maps since childhood. But for 10 years now, I'm creating a fictionnal country based on USA, Canada and France. And the people here are so talented that I'm here to learn how to improve these maps.

    So, bonjour à tout le monde and I hope I'll like it here.
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