Right, this is the beast that never ends. Well for me that is.

This project started about 10 years ago, obviously in an on and off manner it has been worked on since then, although I'll freely admit more time has passed without work than with work.

The map depicts Cape City, a corporate free state on the southern coast of the US. And it is the main setting for my Cyberpunk RP games.
Now I'd like to know what I could do to make the map better, as it does suffer for being made with MS paint for the most parts (It was back in 2000, I did not know better). I've started changing it into a 3D representation of the city with the use of Google Sketch-up but that is as a time consuming project as the original drawing of the map. So any ideas, my lofty goal is to recreate the R.Talsorian Night City map, or preferably get as close as possible to that. So great masters of the maps, lend me your brains for a few moments.

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