Can anyone give me some info and advice on Daz Studio? I've just discovered that this thing exists and the blurb tells me it's like poser (which frightened me off with its complexity) but you don't have to create models from scratch, just pose them. Which sounds much closer to my league...

I'm not planning to do any snappy aniations with it, or fancy lighting projects, I just want to use it to make my own simple top-down character tokens for mapping.

The down side is I have a dinosaur of a computer - 2GHz, 512 RAM, Win2K. Now although it has an accelerated graphics card that handles Viewingdale ok, I'm thinking that maybe the latest version of Daz Studio probably won't run on my machine, and will have loads of daunting clutter that I'll never use.

If someone could tell me whether Daz Studio will do what I want it to do, which version would be most suited for my purpose and machine, and could advise me on whether older versions are actually available (I haven't found any yet) I'd be much obliged.