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Thread: Have a Homebrew World Map needing a pro's touch!

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    Default Have a Homebrew World Map needing a pro's touch!

    Thanks for your attention

    I've an old-school D&D 3.5 DM trying to make it in a 4E world, and with all the changes I've felt compelled to create a new world to commemorate the occasion. I've laid out the general size, shape, and height of the land via photoshop, but I'm sure someone else could do a much better job.

    Here's a link to the wiki I've set for the campaign, just for background info about the various regions.

    Whether a simple touch-up or a complete redesign, please feel free to expound on what I've laid out here.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance for your efforts to improve my game!

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    I think it looks pretty nice as is.
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    I can only agree with Ascension. Have a look at some of the tutorials you find here on the site and I bet that you can improve your map to something fantastic :-)
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    I agree with Ascension - looks really good ... the only thing that "jumped" at me was the "path of blood" that seemed a little dominating concidering all the other elements on the map (but then again - I don't know if its supposed too) ... but try reading some tutorials and perhaps do the map in another style as well - its good pratice
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    The Path of Blood area was a highlight layer I set in photoshop... I meant to put a transparency on it, but the ground is "saturated with blood", so the standout quality is kinda deserved.

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    Maybe give some examples of what you see it turning into? Looks perfectly use-able to me, but if you wanted it to be redone in a particular style, it would help the potential artist (or yourself, looks like you've got some decent skills to start, and would adapt quickly with suggestions) to know what direction you want it taken (atlas style, satellite view, hand drawn, etc).

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