While I am still busy on other publication projects, I have begun another project, destined to be pubished next year. Although I am happily working with Rite Publishing for my first project: Kaidan, I am thinking of trying to publish my next setting completely on my own.

Keld: an Iron Age Celtic setting is intended to be a pre-Roman world, heavily steeped in Celtic Lore with hundreds of clans, dozens of tribes, and a dozen or so kingdoms or high kingdoms. Other cultures will include a germanic barbarian nation to the east, and a 'civilized Mycenaean/Etruscan' nation to the south. You've already seen my Hybrenia map, which represents my analog Ireland for the setting which represents about 5% of the total mapped area for my needs.

Like my other projects these are settings intended for use with the Pathfinder RPG game system.

News on Kaidan. Rite Publishing has turned my publication into a patronage project, and its already paid for to include a 3 part mini adventure path and a setting handbook, though my hopes to create a couple one-shot adventures, and a larger full 6 part Adventure Path next year. Kaidan is a cross between feudal Japan and Asian horro and should be released before the end of the year.

Attached are my map of Hybrenia, and a possible cover design and interior piece. The illustrations were recent commisions, while I have the money to pay for them. I also have some character illustrations for new classes and variant classes need for the setting currently be created. The setting will feature hags, giants, ogres, linnorn dragons, a large variety of fey beings, but the majority of opposition is from feuding Celtic clans and the other human nations. This setting is a bit more gritty than typical 'vanilla' fantasy settings. There is a bit of inspiration from the AD&D setting Birthright, though no domain management rules.

The two illustrations are by a UK artist named Alex Tooth - I found him on the Freelance board at RPG.net. The cover design is a bit dark for my purposes, so it might become interior art instead, though his other piece featuring the 'nudish' fey woman in front of a fey portal is very nice! Jan Pospisil, the artist who created my Kaidan cover designs is creating sepia toned monochrome illustrations of a clan warrior, a druid, a bard and a runemaster (a type of spell caster), though these are yet to be completed - I will post them when they are available.



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