So for the Fargoth Worldbuilding Project (formerly, now at we have a smattering regional of maps derived from Fractal Terrains, but not the original hight map for them or the world. We have continental outlines for the world, as well as some climate/rainfall/temperature stuff that we've already put up, but not the source for all of it.

What I'm trying to do is reverse engineer something with the same continental shapes we have, and that will at least be close with the rest of it (temp/climate/precipitation) into a hight map master file. This would then be used to make all the smaller area maps and the like.

How would y'all go about doing that? Put another way, how should I? I just discovered Wilbur's Tessellation tool, which might (with a fractal background at least sort of close to where Belandir's continents are, and the height clip tool also in Wilbur) serve. I hope that works, but I have already tried a number of different approaches and been unsatisfied with them all. Has anyone ever had a similar problem and done anything other than scrap the whole heap and start over?