Hello! I've been browsing the forums for a few months, mainly trying to play with things on my own (and not usually coming out with the results I'd like when it comes to my hand-drawn maps (Photoshop and I are currently in the middle of a disagreement or I'd gladly show pictures of what I mean). Though, I'm not sure on how it is looked upon here, I can take pieces of google maps and throw them together to get roughly what I want, though I could use more than a little help with blending terrain.

I run Photoshop CS3, no tablet [though I am in the market for one] on a laptop [talk about headache and a half].

I spend a lot of my time creating, running and maintaining Play-by-Post RPG sites, so I am always in need of easy to understand and visually attractive maps!
I also am working on a Classic BattleTech interchangeable scenario map, as well as a world for a D20 based Table top RPG.