August's challenge was to create a map for use as a starting point for an adventure. There was no limit to genre or the scale of the place represented. I think it is incumbent upon all of us to just the participants based on their adherence to the stated challenge, as well as the other aspects of entry, in order to reward their ability to work within a set of parameters. That said, it is up to you, the member of the Cartographer's Guild, to ultimately decide which entries deserve your vote.

You can find the thumbnails...


Please choose two entries. Our rules state that we allow one vote for each five entries, rounded down, but that feels unfairly restrictive when there are over five, so I'm going to break it for the second month in a row. Feel free to explain your vote or not, as you wish. Even at this stage, honest criticism is a blessing.

PLEASE GIVE REP TO THE ONES YOU VOTE FOR (along with anyone else you think is deserving).

Finally, I want to extend my appreciation and congratulations to all who participated in this month's challenge. The entries are all outstanding, and I believe you're all deserving of reputation for "letting it all hang out" in the toughest map competition on the intertubes.