Hey fellows

I've one two little problems with CC3:

1.) The dimensions of CC3 are miles x miles and not pixel x pixel .. so if I want to draw a map with a north->south dimension of 3000 miles the map is a little but large - okay not the really problem but it seems that CC3 has some problems with maps over 1000 miles (scrolling lag and the software works really slowly). Is it better to draw more small maps or smaller parts of the large one and combine them with other programs? I'm not very enthuses to split my continent into four or more parts - or is that the way to handle this problem?

2.) If I draw smaller maps the symbols are very large and I can resize them - no problem. But if I'm drawing large maps the symbols are large too. Is there a possibility to calculate the size to the right scale of my map? I'm not sure but is a size of 1.000 of a tree the standard for a 1000 miles map? If so do I have to resize the tree symbol to 0.200 if I have a 200 miles map or to 3.000 for a 3000 miles map? I tried to have the same size of mountains and trees but everytime the trees look too large sized when I see the mountains between.

Thanks for help and sorry for this confused english