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Thread: Underdark - Dark Fungi (Revised)

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    Default Underdark - Dark Fungi (Revised)

    "A dark creeper necromancer has taken over a myconid colony at the edge of a forest of fungus for his own purposes. Meanwhile, a dwarven mining guild from Forgehome has delved into the myconid caverns and begun mining operations, clearing whole caves of fungus. In retaliation, the myconids have slaughtered the miners." (4e Underdark Supplement p. 50 )

    These are VTT ready battlemaps for the Dark Fungi dungeon delve located in the Underdark as a part of the points of light setting for 4th Ed D&D. Dungeon outline replica of maps located in the 4e Underdark Supplement p.50-55. Original WIP Link here.

    This is the second half of the maps that I revisited due to the original product being low quality work. Completion of this map makes this project complete. For ease of use I've included each encounter individually and maps with and without grids which will be my new standard. Tried adding more objects this time to add some flavor. Included with this thread is an archive of .png files of some custom objects I used for difficult terrain, light sources and the mushrooms. Enjoy!

    Part 1 of 2 attachments.
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Name:	Dark Fungi (Grid).jpg 
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Name:	Encounter DF1 - Fungal Defenders (Grid).jpg 
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Name:	Encounter DF3 - Claws Of Death (Grid).jpg 
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Name:	Encounter DF2 - Rust And Rot (Grid).jpg 
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