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    This is my second attempt to draw a town for a role playing game session. I'm trying to just do a quiky, as always; not a masterpiece of which you all are capable! I want it to look like quill and ink on parchment. I'm completely unskilled at anything art related and I'm using my finger on the touchpad of my laptop to freehand this! XD

    Not sure how I'm going to do the buildings. I may use the square select, then fill solid black, then rotate and drag and drop. Slow, but this is a small village.

    Any tips or examples of this type of map?


    Also, I just noticed that the very top of my map is screwed up. Don't know why.

    EDIT: Figured out why. There was no black in the channel to blur into the paper layer...

    Click image for larger version. 

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