New here, but I figured I'd share. Here's a map I put together for a D&D campaign I ran a few years ago. The style of the map is based somewhat upon a series of Warhammer maps. The various mountain ranges, forests, cities, etc., were done by cutting up dozens of individual elements in various Warhammer maps and then setting them up as elements and symbols in Campaign Cartographer. The oriental themed city/fortress symbols on the far east part of the map were done by taking 3D renderings of various asian structures and them converting them to a linework style that matched the rest of the map. Text, rivers, roads, and other editing was done in Paint Shop Pro. I just thought I'd point all that out, because I don't want to take more credit than is due. Anyways, if the fact that artwork in this map is based off of other maps crosses some sort of line, feel free to delete this post.

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