Just getting this started; The next part of my current campaign Has my players going into a long buried ancient city. This will be my first attempt at creating an interior map from scratch. This may take me a vary long time and will be done in sections. The following is a few assumptions that will be used in creating the maps.

  • City was advanced civilization of unknown origin (simulated by using modern construction ideas)
  • Buildings are old; damaged from years of being buried; but otherwise fairly stable.
  • There will be alot of up and down travel on map as ceilings cave in and floors are blocked in some areas.
  • Sparse population of area (plan on two factions)
  • Despight the lack of combat encounters or other battle necisitating features maps will need to be used to show the area for flavor.
  • Maps will be scratch built (with some items being brought in from other free sources) in gimp
  • Maps will be used with and built for the Map tool From RPG Tools

As the area is underground and not lit lighting effects will be a secondary. I plan on doing the base map as a clean rendition as ruined furniture and detritus will be brought in as objects on the VTT system. Though important area effects will still be layed out.

The following is a rendition of the old city map found by one of our intrepid adventurers. This was made when the city was still above ground and thriving so does not have the layouts for cave ins and damages. Also this was a fast general city design.

More to follow Soon.......