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Thread: Custom sectors using Cosmographer 3. (Help needed)

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    Question Custom sectors using Cosmographer 3. (Help needed)

    Using Cosmographer 3, I can make pretty sectormaps using the data from the TravellerMaps website.

    But how do I do a custom map of a Traveller sector using my own data and my own meta data?
    I don't want to do it manually. I want to change the existing scripts, so that they can read my files.

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    Has anyone done this? I still need help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Hi Berka, IIRC I think there was some talk about this on the Traveller D20 forum in the software solutions subforum. Might be worth having a look there?
    There are some talk about it in other subforums there. (I have been posting in some of those threads.) However, there are no solution.

    I can open the scriptfiles generated for each sector in a texteditor. But how should I edit it? What do I do after I have edited it?
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    Not played too much with cosmographer or with Traveller so I am afraid I am not much help
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    Sorry Berka, it's such a specific request (and it sounds like it's more about databases than mapping), I'd be really surprised if anyone had an answer for you here.

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