Robert suggested I post here because there are a fine group of mapmakers in this guild and at least some of you are CC3 users. For those of you who don't know me, if you own Profantasy's Tome of Ultimate Mapping, you own a piece of my heart and soul. If you've read the Essentials guides that come with Profantasy software (please tell me you've read them) then you're familiar with my work. Some of my favorite CC2 Pro maps are here:

I used to enjoy taking on the challenge of "CC2 can't make nice maps" by using CC2 Pro to emulate other mapping styles like these:

Yes, they were done in CC2 Pro with no post work. Of course, those were the good ol' days. Emulating other styles using CC3 is very easy. With just a click click click, we can do very cool things in CC3 so my days of astounding folks are over. ::sniff:::

I'm going to be over in the Software folder collecting information; and I invite CC3 users, both new users and old timers to join me. I am also inviting folks who tried CC3 (or CC2 Pro) but ended up balling up the software and shoving it in a locker because they couldn't get the hang of it.