After a very long absence (state exams are pretty time consuming) I return to the guild with a small but important map. Like many of my other works, Rhadamantys is part of a roleplaying world. The map will also be used by the players, hence the clean and simple style. There is a legend to the map, but I'm not sure whether or not to upload it.

Click image for larger version. 

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Once, Rhadamantys was founded by pilgrims of two different cultural backgrounds that have merged over the centuries, making it an extremely wealthy city. But the wrath of a storm goddess constantly threatens the place, and no one but a young novice knows about it- a time for heroes to step in and rescue the city!

Critique is highly appreciated!

PS: The main island, the keep island and the palace island are taken from real maps- can you guess which islands I took? (Hint: one of them is in Germany, two lie in the Mediterrenean Sea)