Hi, I've started work on a new game.

I'm looking for an artist to provide me with some tilesets and sprite sheets to get started with. The game is a zelda style 2D top down game. Initially there will be four dungeons for the player to explore, plus a town area where they will talk to characters to get objectives (i.e. find item x from dungeon y ).

So I will need tilesets with enough images to create dungeons - the usual, walls, floor tiles, doors, stairs up/down. Then assorted decorations like flaming torches, crypts, cracks on walls etc would be useful.
For the town area, the ground should be made up of mostly dirt with patches of grass. There will be medieval style buildings, which inside will have wooden floors. Furniture like tables, chairs etc would be useful.

In terms of sprites I want the player to be able to choose from the classic list of:
Barbarian (with sword)
Wizard (with staff)
Elf (with bow)
Dwarf (with axe)

The sprite sheets would need to have images for swinging the appropriate weapon. I will also need set of bad guys for the dungeons. I would like:
orcs with swords,

I will also need some generic village people to give quests to the player.

I will be using tiled by http://www.mapeditor.org/ to put my maps together.

I will gladly accept existing work, so long as I have permission to use it. If you want to provide it for free that's fine to :-) but I am willing to pay for work if it meets my requirements. Thanks