It's been a while coming (it first appeared in this WIP thread here: ) but today sees the release of The Ship's Graveyard, in partnership with Kobold Quarterly.

This is a big one. When it's fully printed and laid out it measures 5 feet to a side. That's 25 square foot of watery danger for your intrepid players to explore. Now standing on the deck of a sinking ship is only the start of the adventure.

The map pack contains:
• printable pdf map packs in A4 and letter formats with colour and printer friendly greyscale versions of the map for printing and use at the gametable at 1 inch = 1 square scale.
• High res jpgs for printing out as a poster map, or for use in the virtual tabletop of your choice.
• Png objects of a runic spiral, the heart of a whirlpool and an anchor compass for use with the map - or any other sea map you use.
• Maptool campaign files for OGL and 4e versions of the game with vision blocking, compatible with maptool build 84 or newer.

The map originally appeared on the back cover of Kobold Quarterly #13 along with the adventure The Wreck of the Goodwife. Definitely worth picking up if you want to run an adventure in the briny deep.

You can pick up the map pack here on RPGNow.