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Thread: Game of Thrones - Map Winterfell

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    Default Game of Thrones - Map Winterfell

    I'd never read the Song of Ice and Fire series, but now that I've started watching the new Game of Thrones series, I've picked up the books and immersed myself in the impressive fan base. I've noticed that while there are many maps of Westeros, including a spectacular version by Tear, there isn't much in the way of good maps of Winterfell (or any of the other cities for that matter). I propose a challenge to map Winterfell.
    Scenes from the series as well as the opening credits can be used as reference, as well as the books themselves. The Ice and Fire Wiki has some great references from the books if you haven't read them or don't have them handy. Maps should be of Winterfell as it exists in the first book/the series.
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