As the Celestial Empire grew in power so did it grow in trade and finance. The Emperor Hillon Derrix the Third declared that a great Imperial city should be built on the ruins of the ancient capital of his ancestral kingdom. This city was to be named Leggarium after his ancestor the first Emperor. The imperial designers toiled for years as design after design was rejected by the Emperor. Finally a plan was submitted that caught the favor of his grace. A city built in the shape of a star, With wedge shaped "districts" and a grand palace for the ruling family at it's center. The Emperor was greatly pleased...

One more in the Celestial Empire series. The Imperial City of Leggarium. I decided that the people (or the rulers at least) have a fixation with stars, so it makes sense that they would build their imperial capital in the shape of one. The basic layout is that the left side of the star is the "poor" section. Imperial law forbids anyone other than those either related to or chosen by the imperial family to own land or buildings. I'm imagining row house after row house in the poor or "Workers" quadrant along with markets between the wedges. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to leave the inner walls as they might make everything a little crowded. The right side of the star is the "Noble" quadrant bigger houses less markets. The center is for the imperial palace. The wide roads that make up the shape of the star would be used for parades and other spectacles to enforce the perception of the Emperor's power. There will be Star Fortress's at the "choke points" between the quadrants.
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