Hello Regional/World Mapping!
Longtime lurker/recent poster here. I've been advised that the best way to get the ball rolling for me is to hop on in and make a WIP thread and take some pointers from you more knowledgeable types.so here goes. This was a quick overland-map I made about a year ago for DnD, was in one of those situations where my group basically told me to throw something together...and so I did. If I remember correctly it was made with some random fractal generator thingy that was online, I believe it was this feller http://donjon.bin.sh/world/, and then touched up in GIMP some (and a compass rose plastered on their pretty much straight from google images). As you can see, it's pretty bad. No terrain or features, the islands are puny compared to the scale I wanted to use, nothing's labeled...and what's worse all that I have is the JPEG, and not the gimp file.
So, I'm really here for advice. I like the general shape of everything, so I think I'm going to just trace a new layer over top of that, which means I'll be able to tune up some of the horrible jaggediness of some of the coastline, but where do I go from there? Rivers, mountains, forests, towns? Or is there a better order to do things in. Anyway, any input on this POSIP would help me out.
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