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    Map Harmona and Surrounding Nations

    The Kingdom of Harmona, sister nation to Sephora across the sea, occupies an enormous clawed archipelago that juts out into the Sea of Tremine. Rich in resources and blessed with year long summer, It is a land of prosperity.
    The rule of Harmona is divided between three powers. The first is Templara Nefir, the state religion, which balances judicial affairs. The second is the royal house, which dictates national agenda. The royal house is elected among the third power, the high nobility, of which there are six houses. Each high noble house controls a holding, one sixth of the land and resources of the country, and can draw upon these resources for their own interests; however they must pay tribute to the royal agenda and Templara Nefir.
    Harmona is a land of innovation and industry. With the advent of steel forging and the magic revolution (through the unique channeling properties of the mineral vestimite) the world is quickly becoming revolutionized with steam power, automation and electricity.

    This map is for a long term campaign project I am working on - It is part of a larger region, however for the beginning of the game the adventure will focus on this region, and specifically on the capital city Senvale.
    This is my second draft of the nation, I decided to flesh out the region more than I did the first time. Im leaving a lot of blank space in the map purposefully. I plan on printing the map large scale and mounting it on cork board, and then using map pins to mark new points of interest as the game progresses.

    As far as technique goes, I wanted to go for a stylized approach. I took a lot of time considering color balance and opacity of the different elements. The mountains were an experiment in trying to balance top down shaded topography with the flat look I was working towards - obviously it wouldn't work on every map but Im satisfied with the way it turned out here. Everything was done in Photoshop CS5.
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