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Thread: Atlas/Globe of my (unnamed) fantasy world.

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    Wip Atlas/Globe of my (unnamed) fantasy world.

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick WIP post to get some feedback/ideas. I've just put about 5 hours into drawing mountain ranges. My wife says that you can tell they are mountains, but I wanted to get a view from the more discerning eyes on this forum.

    The world is for a story I'm writing, which will take place in the "caribbean basin" area in the world. It's important that I get the rest of the world right to have an idea of the migration patterns of the various races from the "Old World" to the left of the map. My next area to tackle is forests/rainforests. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to present those?

    Here are my maps:

    Hand drawn prior to digital editing

    Digitally traced with minor adjustments

    What I have so far - mountains and climate included

    Cheers in the meantime folks, and I look forward to sharing thoughts with you.


    Tyo Solo
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