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    Default Armadien - The forest kingdom

    This is the map that I made for the may challenge.

    Technical stuff:
    The map is done in Photoshop CS5, a lot of layers and some finishing effects to give it the right feel and light. The city icons are from CC3 by Profantasy. Don’t remember which style but I can look that up if someone is interested.

    Kingdom stuff:
    Armadien is the most western kingdom in the old world. It is often called the “forest kingdom” for the obvious reason that the major part of the country is covered by forest. They are famous for their boat builders and their timber. A lot of the vessels that travel the seas are built here. In the north Armadien borders to the great dark barbarian forest. The border is heavily fortified and the river has become a natural border. It is by law forbidden to build a bridge over it.

    In the south you find the border kingdoms that lie between Armadien and the city state Ankh-Bathor. The border kingdoms are seen as a buffer zone by Ankh-Bathor and the city supports them with both money and weapons. The city of Southpoint used to be a free city but was conquered 50 years ago by Armadien to strengthen their southern border. In the city there are still forces that want to break it free from the “oppressors”, probably supported by gold from Ankh-Bathor.

    In a forest area between the border kingdoms, Armadien and Krug you have the “Traal infected woods”. Traals are troll like humanoids that are very strong and powerful but lack the technical skills that would give them the upper hand against humans. There are rumours though that someone is equipping them with weapons of steel, which of course is completely forbidden.

    In the east Armadien borders to Krug, a very elitist country that are ruled by powerful warlords. Most of the trade between the countries goes via the needles pass, which is a very dangerous road to walk, famous for its robbers.

    I hope you like it :-)
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