So I'll just quickly explain the initial situation.

I've been working on this world for almost 11 years during my free time. The thing is that I started it at 10 years old and a few years later some elements seemed childish to me and I modified a few things, added some territories to my map. I did that about every two years. For the last three years I've mainly focused on writing some lore, stories and imaginating characters and histories. Now that I've discovered this community I want to start doing the world map of that map I've imagined so I've searched through my stuff and found a sketch I had done on paper. The thing is... by adding zones on the borders of the continent each time now it looks a bit weird, not natural all and very childish. I also had the habit of adding territories with very specific climate to random places. So you have a desert next to a jungle next some random plains territory. First of all I'll smooth the transition between those climates but I also want to reposition some zones to make the switch from climate to climate more logical and I also want the continent to have a good general shape instead of just being a pile of single territory added one next to the other.

So my real question here is: how would you proceed to restructure, reposition and rework that continent with all it's zone that already have a lot of lore written for them, so that it looks good but doesn't confuse me and make the world unrecognizable.
I have a few territories, I'll share the names with you and where they were.

Meridar: Cold, gray kind of tundra, was situated extreme north-west.
Kelrond: Cold, harsh,tundra/polar landscape, was situated extreme north on the other side of a huge bay shared with Meridar ^.
Aldarand: Almost entirely covered in forest, turning in jungles of giant trees in the south. Situated south-west, right under Meridar.
Sindor: Mostly hills, plains and some mountains, few forests. Situated right in the middle of the continent, right of Aldarand and under Kelrond.
Al'Haren: Mostly jungle of giant trees (continuation of Aldarand) situated south right under Sindor and west of southern portion of Aldarand.
Orkando: Red desert (monument valley like), harsh, lot of mountains, situated south-east, east of Al'Halen
Hekzodia: Mix of various climates. Mountains in the west/northwest, rocky waste in middle and southern parts and desert of black sand in the eastern part due to cataclysm. Was situated extreme east, top of Orkanda and right of Sindor.
Meridis: Huge mountains, mostly unexplored with a thin band of swamps and forests on the other side of the mountains, next to the ocean. Situated north-east, right of Kelrond and top of Hekzodia.
Naam: Huge jungle-like island, very particular climate, situated off the coast of Meridis so, right of Kelrond and north of Hekzodia too.
Morne: Small territory located right between Aldarand and Sindor, very low water-levelwise and filled with dark forests.

I've included a small (really quickly done) sketch of the position of the zones.
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I'd like some help concerning this. I'll smooth out the climate and try to include more natural kingdom borders instead of doing artificial ones, so mountains and rivers will most likely divide the different territories. I'm not very satisfied with the fact that you have one desert territory between a jungle one and a rocky waste one out of nowhere... I'm not really satisfied with the fact that there's a jungle island east of a nordic zone (god I was stupid as a kid !), I'll try to put some variety in each territory also to not have them being done of only one element. Perhaps thinking about the general continent before and then dividing it in my zones trying to respect as much as possible the initial plan ?

So, thank you in advance ! I'll check this here and I'll come check your ideas in a few hours !