Hello .....

I hope you want to make a map for me.
i sketched one for you already


I would be happy if you make one but in better resolution or something

here are some WANTS:

Many city's are near the coast line.

The city of endeavour is located at the whole Endeavour Bay

Its in modern -> Future time

Modern great city's

Californian deserts, to the tropical regions of japan/china/Hawaii to the coldness of The Netherlands, Canada and antartica

Has some vissible Military Bases ( Military Harbors, Military land bases, airports and spaceports)

the bigest citys are absolutely Endeavour (capital) , Great Lymric (Entertainment hollywood like L.A City) and New Port ( New york city, chicago and miami)

Nice US of A / Germany highways.

Nice coasts

Dont care about the city names, vilages names, and highway names and military base names, only Endeavour, Great Lymric and New port should be made , all other citys are youré choice

Put you name somewhere, it means you made it

Map should be editable (like from colourfull to black and white.

look to the flag, count the stars, it are all the states of this Virtual Nation, keep in mind that i wille copy the map and draw other stuff on it like political borders and stuff..

Many rivers , and anything water related..

Aditional info:

will be hosted on Photobucket or something, will be showed on Nationstates.com, will be used in battles and information maps..

, you can put youré name on it. and this logo http://www.networking4all.com/nl/dom...namen+aan+bzk/

You put the logo near the map title called Legendardisch, and you name, but dont keep it big.


Thank you if you make this map, you will be thankfull, cus i am still learning the basic's!