I got really inspired by the current challenge. I know I'm a newby here, but I thought I might as well dive in and learn to swim along the way.

So here is my first WIP of the Herbalist academy of the renowned Master-herbalist Berend-Jan Groothuijsen. Students from all over Terra Nova (yeah, I know, not original. But I've used this name for a long time, so I'll keep it.) come here to learn the art of herbalism. They brew magical potions, elixers and ointments, using the powers embedded in plants (and in some cases animals).

### Latest WIP ###

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Still a lot needs to be done.
- I have to finish the buildings
- I have to add the paths
- I have to add the layout for te main building
- I have to add shade
- Possibly a nice border
- Find a way to make it 'magical'.

I just hope it will be finished in time