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Thread: Eriond: A World Map

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    Wip Eriond: A World Map

    I've had an ongoing project now for some time to map out the various regions of my Eriond map, which is the basis of a homebrew campaign setting I'm working on. Well I decided that it was high time I actually did a world map (the previous map really only featured the known lands of a single continent).

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    Should be awesome, dude. Looking forward to it.
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    Very cool. As someone who really liked your Eriond map, I will certainly follow this WIP. Looking forward to how this one's turning out. If it's anywhere near as good as the Eriond map is, it will rock...hard
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    Thanks for your support guys. I have a feeling this one might take a while to complete but I'm really excited to begin working on it.


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    Nice landshape. Keep on!

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    Well here's an update. I've got the lions share of the work on the land-scape done. Next up I think I'm going to work on creating a sea shelf.

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    Looks great, man. That kidney bean lake in the west looks sort of plain, tho. Not in need of any fixing or anything, per se.
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    Default Oops...

    Yeah, think you have something there A, but after all the work I've put into this map I'm not sure it would really pay to go back and fix it now. Also, I just realized that when I flattened the last WIP I had an extra color adjustment layer visible that I had meant to to turn off. Here's the map without that layer on (the colors should be more vibrant, and the sea less dark).
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