Hi everyone,

I think I have created worlds and maps for as long as I can remember. I just canít help it but I happen to love maps. Most of my worlds arenít more than a piece of paper with a half finished continent or maybe only an abstract idea in my mind. Usually my maps are drawn by hand, scanned and edited a bit in Photoshop.

Last week that procedure changed. I discovered CC3 and couldnít help myself from instantly buying the software, the annuals and the fantasy floor pans. So far Iíve just played around with it trying some different tools and symbols. I must say it feels very promising and a bit like cheating. Suddenly I can make maps in no time at all. Which suits me well with two kids hanging around pocking for attention.

Well then I discovered this brilliant site and decided to join. And I must say that the work I found here is nothing but astonishing. Iíll see If I ever dare publish anything Iíve done myself. But I guess I have to, Itís not very polite to only leechÖis it?