Hey all.
I'm currently working to create a map a big city, and I could use your opinion. I'm not a professional, and I'm doing it myself since I can't find anyone. I like to make it. So, no problem, but it will be not so "perfect".
Some info.

I using this tutorial.
I took the ispiration rom this map of Moskow.

I plan to add some personal steps to insert "important buildings".

The numbers on the map indicate where I will add these important building, I'm currently some step behind.

Here's the map.
Click image for larger version. 

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Here's some question I'd like to ask.
1) the tutorial explains how to create walls. I used a pattern for these walls and not only the color gray. But I also have another type of external wall. The palizade. Can I improve it in some way?
I also create a moat, is it improvable?
2) Gates and towers. I took gates and towers from here. Well, the towers were towers, but for the gates I used some "creativity", using some houses as "gate".
Have you other symbols I can use for gates?
I especially need also symbols for bridges and wooden gates. If you have any I'd really appreciate them.
3) is there any other way to make the bridges?
4) any suggestion for roads, can I improve them in some way?
5) any other opinion or feedback is welcome.