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Thread: my first map - used for a fantasy rpg

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    Default my first map - used for a fantasy rpg

    After some days of looking at some of the maps on this forum and after learning some things about GIMP (haven't used InnerGlows, Masks or even textures yet) i created my first map.
    For the mountains and woods I used some drawings which one can find in this forum.
    The little village is called "Manor at the lake" and the name of the lake is "lake of the 100 dead fishermen".

    Please leave some comments and ideas to help improve my skills.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    congrats on your first map ... I like the colors you use.. the paper crumbling is a bit heavy, I'd lighten that up some - and I'm not sure about the lake/river combination. Normally you'd have a river flowing into a lake and if there is water enough - then running out into a new river somewhere. This map suggest that the lake it self collects enough water to drain of into a very wide river that joins up with the other river (on the premise that rivers always run together and never split). Also the roads look to neat in comparison with the rest - I'd roughen them up a bit to fit in .. but all in all - a good start in mapping
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    Well, the mountains and trees are outstanding! That looks really impressive!

    For the rest I'm with tilt. But the path you are going is definitely the right one! Keep it up.

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    Very nice!
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    I like the trees on that. Are they drawn individually? I'm trying to find some repetition/cloning, but it looks really good!

    Just a nitpick - the text doesn't look as hand-drawn as the rest of the map. Have you tried making it hand-written?

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    Nice first map, although I feel some pity for the poor fishermen

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