This is my first post, and the second map I've done by computer (I've been doing them by hand for years, but they have always been made for functionality, not really aesthetics. I have about thirty different maps of this region, Wyllahatchia). The first I did was a test of Candacis' "Antique Style Maps in GIMP." I relied heavily on his tutorial for this map as well, altering some of his techniques and incorporating some other ideas from various tutorials.

As it stands, this is a work in progress. I intend on coming back and redoing some things (the mountains for instance) and adding other things (cities, latitude and longitude lines, borders, a compass, improved "aged paper" look, page folds, and some other stuff). The main thing I want to improve are the mountains. I just used some grunge brushes and did some rough shading, and when its zoomed out far enough, it looks okay. What I'm going for is something like this for the mountains. I may have to hand draw them and then upload them. I'm still pretty new to GIMP (and similar programs), so if there is a way to make mountains like that without drawing them by hand, then a few tips would be appreciated. In fact, any suggestions or criticisms would be invaluable.

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