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Thread: How many of you are roleplayers?

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    Default How many of you are roleplayers?

    Hi everyone,

    I browsed through the first 6 pages of this subforum and did not find such a thread so i started a new one

    So who of you cartographers is (or was) a roleplayer? And by roleplayer i mean a pen & paper roleplayer, not crpgs ... good old face-to-face roleplaying.

    There are a lot of aspiring writers on here who map for their novels and the world the stories are set in - so i am kind of curious as to how many of you are into mapping for producing maps and worlds for your gaming-needs.

    And last but not least...if you out yourself as a rpg-er, tell us about your favourite setting (besides your own) and what kind of systems you like and play.

    I start:

    From all the published roleplaying settings i like Artesia and Middle Earth (strictly as a setting - the rules that came with it never convinced me that much) best. Why Artesia and ME? The depth of the setting and it's living and breathing mythology. Just great.
    A very good setting was Birthright from good old TSR. On the same note, i loved Dragonlance (this might be because the dragonlance novels by M. Weiss and T. Hickman were my very first fantasy novels i read as an early teen).

    Systemwise i dig dicepool mechanics (bellcurve all the way...i hate linear distribution). Roll and Keep is overall my favourite but i also like the storyteller system that WW uses or the newest iteration of Shadowrun 4th ed. . A dicepool variant that i need to try is the ORE in its Reign iteration.
    Other nice mechanics are 3d6 (for example GURPS) roll under (or over, doesn't really matter) and i do like all the FATE games i looked into with their 4dF.

    Ok, your turn...
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    For settings, I like the D&D Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, Dark Sun settings. I also like the ShadowRun and Mechwarrior settings quite a bit. Mostly, the books(novels that is) tend to bring things alive for me which is why these are the ones I like.

    D&D(the most) since the early-mid 80's starting with Red Box, AD&D, AD&D 2Ed, D&D 3.5, D&D 4E. Also played ShadowRun, Paranoid, RoleMaster/MERP, Battletech/Mechwarrior, and I am sure a few others I have forgotten. I have recently gotten interested in Savage Worlds but yet to play more than a demo game... Hoping one of our group's GM's will actually start the Super's campaign we have talked about recently in the near future. Way back, I was very intrigued by the whole RoleMaster/MERP system and its detail, but at the same time that's what drove me from it was the slow nature of all of the lookup tables. These days, I would be much more open to using that type of system as I would use my VTT(MapTool) to program all of the look ups and record keeping for me(though that in itself would be a massive undertaking!) I use my computer for rolling instead of real dice almost exclusively for the speed it brings both as a player and GM.
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    I'll admit it! I have a regular group (Sundays) that plays mostly Pathfinder, using Paizo's Golarion campaign setting. Formerly we used D&D 3.5 and, before I joined, I'm pretty sure the same folks have been playing all of the editions since 1e in various combinations (30+ years I guess). We also mix it up with GURPS and other game systems from time to time. I play with a different group on Mondays and it's a mix of genres and systems including stuff like: Deadlands, Firefly (using Deadlands), Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu (D20 and CoC and, soon, Gumshoe), and Star Wars (Saga).

    I'm not stuck on any one fantasy setting but I like Golarion well enough. I do also like Eberron (I've only run one game in it) and Dark Sun (never played but my co-DM is a big fan and I've been trying to get her to run something there). Some of the other old TSR settings are interesting to me as well, especially Ravenloft. Truthfully, though, I prefer sci-fi...especially fantasy. I don't get to play a lot of it but we try to insert it into the schedule whenever we can. I've got plans to run a Star Trek game at some point after we finish our current long-running fantasy campaign I've been running (Paizo's Rise of the Runelords, we're on the last book).

    We play a lot of D20 but it's definitely not my favorite system. I like GURPS best, I suppose, with a nod to Deadlands if it happens to match the feel of the game (it worked super awesomely for Firefly).

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    lots of roleplayers in here - myself I've been playing for 31 years now, started out with D&D, skipped AD&D but picked it up again when WotC took over. In the years inbetween I've played tons of systems, incl. Rolemaster, James Bond, Shadowrun, Warhammer the rpg, Paranoia, Star Wars, Star Trek, Traveller, Vampire, Magician, Gurps, Call of Cthulhu, Villains & Vigilantes - and I have perhaps a dozen games on the shelf that I never got around to playing.

    Amongst my non D&D favorites were:
    Rolemaster: Love the rules and our group spent a minimum of lookups as everybody had their own tables ready - I miss the complexity of the skill system when I use skills in 4e D&D.
    James Bond: Gotta love the secret Agent stuff - however it works best with one or two players. Loved Hero Points.
    Paranoia: Just plain fun to watch your players going for each others throats once in a while - and love the whacky world and the fact a gamesession can just be about repairing a vending machine and still churn out a good many dead players.
    Villains & Vigilantes: The character creation system was very unbalanced, but I loved the way the rules incorporated beating each others with cars and flying through walls when hit

    My fav settings are probably forgotten realms, and I also liked the setting from Warhammer the rpg (fantasy), however, most of the games I played have been in home made worlds
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    I'm a roleplayer, in fact RPG is my favorite game ever.

    I play usually systems d20 based, like D&D, but I don't like much the 4th edition. I've played some Brazilian RPG as well (which you probably don't know, but I'll say the name anyway), as the 3D&t, Tormenta and now I'm playing a system (called Old Dragon) that is based on the old D&D and AD&D, very good btw.

    Usually I don't play as a player, but as a DM (and I love to be a DM), that was the main reason for starting making maps actually, as my group prefer to play on a world we built together.

    I still want to play Call of Cthulhu, and Star Wars, just need a group and books for this.

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    I've been playing and DMing for several years now, but my gaming experience has been fairly limited, both in terms of the systems and the settings I've tried. As far as settings, I've had brief excursions into Greyhawk (which didn't really do it for me) and Forgotten Realms (which intrigued me quite a bit), and have played more extensively in Golarian (which you can't beat in terms of depth). Likewise, I've really only played 3.5e and Pathfinder for any length of time, though I've had some brief encounters with Paladium, Rifts, 2e, 4e (which I hated) and Vampire.

    As far as what I enjoy, I actually prefer low to mid fantasy/magic settings (e.g. Middle Earth) and a modified version of D20 called E6 that caps level advancement at 6th level. This effectively prevents PCs from transcending the bounds of the human to ascend to the superhuman, and thus better fits with a low to mid fantasy/magic setting.


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    I'm a "GAMER" of any game. I've been playing for about 30+ years now.

    Games include:
    Tactics II (My 1st "war game" and got me to play other games)
    D&D in various forms. I have played in Greyhawk but prefer Forgotten Realms (I love to play the odd characters like Wemics, Centaurs, Minotaurs and Stingers etc)
    BattleTech in various forms, Mechwarrior, etc...
    I'd like to try Star Trek and StarMada, they both seem very nice, good rulesets from what I have read on them so far.

    I'm VERY much a computer geek, so for many years I have looked into play all my games in my PC. I use d20Pro exclusively. And HeroLab to create all my characters.

    If it's gaming, I'm IN.

    I also want to play Flames of War VERY badly, I love WWI.
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    I am a gamer. Unfortunately since moving to this small town 4 years ago, I haven't found anyone local with the time or interest in playing anything. And online gaming just isn't quite the same thing. It's still fun, but has less of the social aspect of actually meeting and talking to other people.
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    I've been a gamer for over twenty years, but I do not play that much these days. So instead I just build worlds.

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    Yeah, I've been playing various editions of D&D (Pathfinder now) for the last 33 years. And lucky for me, my current gaming group has been the same one since 1987 - lost one member through an accident, but gained 4 more in the last 3 years. Of course since my evening job is developing settings and adventures for Pathfinder, I get to play all week long - sort of...

    3 of us switch the GM role every couple of months, so we don't get burned out.

    There are plenty of members who are fantasy authors, GIS pros and others who aren't gamers at all. Though I'd hazard to guess most members are RPG gamers.
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