I'm looking for some map makers who would be interested in paid work to make five, possibly six different maps, for a "Traveller" game module I'm writing, and would like to publish via PDF file. I would mere like to license the work for production with the module.

I only have one other post here, so I don't have full access and privileges. You can email me at Blueghos -at- pacbell -dot- net to give me a private quote, discuss terms and what not.

Some details; I need three desert fortresses from various period's in a civilization's history, a subterranean complex with aqueducts, a simple starport (type E for those familiar with "Traveller"), probably a general layout showing the fortresses proximity to the starport.

I would like the maps to be drawn in classic Traveller white map background with black silouettes representing the icons. I welcome more elaborate schemes as long as they meet a certain standard of professionalism; i.e. crisp, clear, no syntax errors and such.

Again, if you are interested, then please feel free to email me to discuss terms and to get further details.

Thanks much for reading this.

Blue Ghost