But who here isn't?

I'm working on a couple stories, and I love doodling maps but rarely end up with something useable for planning or presentable enough that I can consider it a piece of art in its own right. And by "rarely" I mean never.

My scales range from floor plans/layouts of buildings, to cities, to a continent (to maybe solar systems at a later point) and I'm not sure where to seek advice. I have GIMP and have been working through RobA's artistic map tutorial, though I think I'll need to go through it a few times before I get the hang of it.

But I'm very excited to join this community and eager to learn.

My basic question is, should I post requests for help/links to tutorials in a general forum, or in the specific sections? (If I don't know where to start with cities, do I post in the city forum?)

Thanks, I look forward to eventually contributing to the community instead of just asking questions,
Romulus (can't believe that name was available!)