Hi all.

I am looking to invest in CC3 and am considering the bundle deal that includes DD3, CD3 and Fractal Terrain. I see from a separate thread the FT3 is due for release soon. I know some of this may be crystal ball stuff but I would appreciate some input from those in the know here.
1. With the current FT how compatible is this with CC3? I would like to create my continent to include 3D terrain then export to CC3 to add in the civilised components.
2. Can you export a map created in CC3 back to FT to add in more detailed terrain and them back to CC3 to add in the finer details?

I am keen to get underway with my continent map and want to have the detail included that is available with FT. However, I do not want to put in a whole lot of work now using a FT generated base map to find it un-usable or not fully customisable with CC3.

Hope this makes sense!