I'm back, still a lot brain dead and in hopeless straits, but I figured it's about time I tackled CC3. Can't afford the upgrades to DD3 and CD3 yet, but I'm struggling to get thru the CC3 User's Guide. I'm on ProFantasy's forum, but figured I'd post my woes here as well. I'm trying to follow the instructions exactly, but things just aren't happening sometimes. The guide says to open a list and I get no list (important in the editing sections). I can't erase anything and I've yet to get a right-click "Do It" window. Likewise, when I was called on to click the "Move to Back" button, nothing happened. I printed out the pdf, so I could have the instructions in front of me, but I'm struggling a lot. In the videos, they make it look so easy. I think it would be useful to rewrite the User's Guide.