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Thread: A coastal fantasy city and a big weird clockwork city

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    Help A coastal fantasy city and a big weird clockwork city

    Edit: Taken!! Thank you very much!!

    HI! New to the forums, long-term admirer of maps but utterly useless at them myself. I am flat-out in awe of the quality of work shown by everyone here! I despair of ever even coming close myself, so I'm going to beg for your help... I have sort of two projects in mind;

    1. I am a moderator on a play-by-post board here: and I have recently started an adventure in a large coastal fantasy city (Radigast) (pop 42,000) . I have a vague mental idea of what I want the city to look like; coastal port, sloping landscape up from the coast to a "High Quarter" where the rich people live, some slums, a temple district, etc..) rather than try and draw this myself, I'd be willing to pay someone to do it for me. I'm looking for a map that will show individual buildings but without needing a lot of detail on them, like this: and this: . I don't know what the going rates are but I have money I'm willing to spend!
    Time constraints: Not really, although within a few months would be great
    size: not too big, not bigger than one screen full.
    copyright: whatever you see fit. It will be used on this roleplaying board only (as far as I'm concerned. You can do what you like with it!)

    2. If you feel very ambitious... I also have a city map I need for a story I wrote. This city map is actually much less predetermined than the Radigast one, but it's potentially a lot more complex. Basically, I want you to take a landscape that looks like this:

    --- and build a city on it that's the non-Euclidian city from At The Mountains Of Madness, then add to it a 'layer' of sort of Rennaisance/Steampunk to it. I will pay a lot for this... but I might make you read parts of the book... There are a couple of places that must be on there. But other than that you are free to play with it. The only requirements that I have is that it should be detailed enough that I can look at it and go, "OK, it is 500 meters from point A to point B so it will take my hero this long to get there." Yes, parts of the city DO move.

    It doesn't have to be gorgeous full-color/texture or anything but of course I will pay more for prettier maps. I have two books published but this book will probably be online-published; if it goes that way, I will work out copyright details with you. If you would message me with a sample of your work and a rate quote that would be awesome! (I also paint D&D miniatures if you'd be interested in barter.) You can email me at 'myusername' at or at eveforward at the same service.

    Time constraints: None really, although within a year would be nice.
    Copyright: we'll need to hash this out as I do intend to at least 'online publish' this and I'd love to have your map on there.
    Other: if you like the project and we get along I'd also like world maps

    Thank you very much for your consideration!!
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