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Thread: November/December 2011 Lite Challenge Entry: Kelinthria - The Shadow of Bonds

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    Wip November/December 2011 Lite Challenge Entry: Kelinthria - The Shadow of Bonds

    So the medium I'm working with is a sort of aged parchment and calligraphy pens/ink (Yes, the metal tips!) I have to say, I might actually switch the paper for something that doesn't show so much bleed of the ink, but I just think that's the scanners doing! Everything in person always looks so much better ha ha.

    But I digress.

    This is actually a restart on an old map I never finished, changing the style slightly. Still not 100% sure if the full shade of the mountains are working for me or if I might switch to thatching for the shading style. It might come out cleaner, I'm definitely going to try, if I do switch it, it will definitely retain the shape of the mountains but favor a different shade. Not sure, I will post the different results of what each one looks like later. I'm mainly right now getting the general depictions done(mountain ranges, dessert, forests, continent borders) then i work on the finer details, such as detailing the mountains and so on and so forth.

    A little bit more of the map is that it I'm going with a more novel-ish type of rendering, black ink will be used for the land features, blue ink probably to pronounce any water features by outline and shading, and then red ink for names of cities/ports what have you. The map is modeling a story I've been concocting in my head of a few kingdoms from southern and northern hemispheres, separated by a large mountain range, with the only real access between the range gap of the center. Year's of peace has dulled the senses of the kingdoms as a new enemy approaches from the sands (to the right) and the sea (which will be to the southern edge of the map).

    More information will be put up as I go, I will aim for at least every other day updates of the map as long as my finals don't get me in the way!

    Oh! I love constructive criticism or any advice/tips along the way, so feel free to say whats on your mind! it's really one of the major things that help me grow.

    Without further-a-do, the WIP below:

    Click image for larger version. 

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