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Alright, so this is my current world map. It is meant to be a somewhat-painted canvas map, and drawn in the style of the maps You see in the front of fantasy novels- simple and artistic, but not terribly accurate.

The idea for this world (at least in this timeline) was that everything and everyone was mashed together, and had to deal with each other- think old world Europe, for example, or the realm of middle earth, but a bit more compact without losing any of the differing cultures. The time it would take to traverse the continent from East to West would be about 28 days, if You could focus on riding ahead every day.

The Troublesome Island has nothing on it, on purpose: everyone who tries to visit it, perishes before they can report back. In other words, it is a part of the game that hasn't been (and won't be, until the characters are reasonable well developed) played yet.

I was originally going for a watercolor look, but decided to darken it up and make it much more accurate- this map was done by the cartography guild of the huge city in the center of the continent, after all. They take a lot of pride in their work, and used better materials than nearly anyone else can afford. So You get this hybrid of watercolor (see through, so the texture of the background shows through) and painting (crisp edges, well defined colors, and such).

What do You all think? =D