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    Default City of Norrilund

    Norrilund is the capital of Barlovia, one of the world's most powerful colonial empires. The heartland of Barlovia consists of a large island in the far south and several small island chains surrounding it, but the Barlovian Empire extends worldwide, including Saldonia and several colonies in Tashakda and the Veldt.

    Government: Barlovia is a constitutional monarchy. The beloved head of state is Queen Helen, but the monarchy holds little power in modern politics. The main legislative body is the Senate, which consists of 375 representatives elected by the nobility and 101 representatives elected by the common men. The Senate is chaired by the Prime Minister, Samuel Dalrymple. A small but vocal minority of Barlovians are attempting to abolish the Senate and return power to the monarchy.

    Technology: Due to large investments in education, including numerous government-funded universities and scientific societies, Barlovia is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. A network of railroads connects most of Barlovia's cities, and the naval fleet includes 85 iron-hulled steamships and 12 submersibles. Barlovia is yet to launch any airships, but the navy has commissioned numerous explorers to discover new sources of lift gasses so that an airship fleet can be constructed. Computational Engines are common, as are steam-powered gurneys and pneumatic postal tubes.

    Norrilund: Norrilund is the capital and largest city of Barlovia, and one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of over 3.3 million. Norrilund was originally built at the most seaward crossing on the Saron River, approximately ten miles from its mouth. Since, the city has since grown to encompass an area of almost 90 square miles, incorporating many of the former towns and villages surrounding it. The city's 29 districts run the gamut from the mostly rural Browlesdon to the slums of the Chuff, the noble estates of Ammaston, the university city of Ivins, and the industrial Ainsword.

    The map took me about a year to complete, working in periods of about an hour at a time for 10 to 12 days a month. I'd like to share it with you. I've got notes about pretty much every place labeled on the map, and there are a lot of them, so if you'd like to know more about a particular place just let me know.

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